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Professional, experienced, trusted

Working from our offices in Kingdom House, Newton Abbot, we offer forty years of experience in the stamp and coin trade, and we can help you achieve the best price for your coin and stamp collection.

We have published books, magazine articles and journals on numerous aspects of the hobby, and we have written many opinion columns and articles for leading Stamp and Coin magazines.

We have extensive knowledge of all things philatelic, and can advise on the best way to sell your collection.

Different types of collection are often suited to different methods of sale. In this regard, we can purchase directly, sell the collection on your behalf, or put items through specialist auction sales, both traditional and online.

Our advice is friendly and free, and we have helped many collectors and their families achieve an excellent price for their stamp and coin collections.

We also offer services for charities, often free of charge, to help them maximize the return on their donated stamps and coins.

Please note: Valuations in Newton Abbot are by appointment only. Please call to arrange.

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